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Christopher Paul Miller is a painter specializing in abstract expressionism. He draws inspiration from the fire that burns in his soul to create work reflecting his inner emotions.  His emotions are orchestrated on canvas as a self-portrait.  His paintings begin and end in the quiet solitude of his small studio.  He is a lone wolf inspired during nighttime hours, where he uses various paint strokes and colors to drive his emotions to put on the canvas.


As a young boy of a single mom, Christopher spent many hours alone and found solace in coloring and drawing. As he grew up, he discovered oils and after many years of painting in oils he began to experiment with abstracts of many mediums.  He found a new freedom and personal growth and flourished.  He felt like a free spirit, not knowing the outcome, but embracing the journey.


Christopher has a diverse background in designing, creating and constructing projects in which he collaborated on many of Universal’s theme park rides: Dr. Seuss Land, Jurassic World, Wizarding World of Harry Potter and more.  In addition, he has a background in building monolithic sculptures for well-known artists. He is inspired by Pablo Picasso, Willem De Kooning, Joan Mitchell, and Cecily Brown.


Today, Christopher’s work is a mix of work composed of oil, acrylic, charcoal, ink, watercolor and more.  Not only does he bring a canvas to life, he has found a way to show beauty in what is present as well as what is absent.  



Artist Statement

My work is telling a story with unpredictable endings. I paint using different colors and strokes to make it interesting enough to draw people in.  If my painting evokes emotion in others, I feel successful.  My story is like a blank canvas waiting to evolve with unlimited possibilities in what is yet to come.

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